The Brutally Honest Truth About Our New York Times Best Selling Book

February 23, 2023


It’s official… Sex Talks is a New York Times INSTANT Bestseller!

But to be totally up front with you, the process of getting here has been pretty wild. There have been SO many surprises, frustrations, and downright heartbreaks.

So we decided to pull back the curtain and get brutally honest about this journey has really been like. We’ve been keeping a secret journal of all of the ups and downs of the last few months. Stories we couldn’t tell you here or on Instagram. Stories we’re finally able and ready to reveal.

So pull up a seat and sip your tea while we spill all of ours!

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[2:14] Notes of gratitude

[6:57] A journal full of BTS

[10:41] Fears of cannibalism

[15:30] Karma is real, and so are thieves

[18:36] The month we made no $$$

[19:14] Trust us, we are aware of burning you out

[23:36] Larger community doesn’t equal bigger sales

[26:54] Press Boxes tested our egos

[31:56] Booked, prepped, and cancelled out of nowhere

[37:14] Don’t. Read. The. Comment. Section.

[39:47] Counterfeits revealed in the DMs

[45:37] In our feelings on release day (we didn’t even celebrate properly)

[56:00] Things the author has absolutely no control over

[1:04:10] The International Incident

[1:07:09] The 3 hardest weeks of our lives

[1:13:57] What happens when it gets quiet

[1:16:42] “Do not get your hopes up”

[1:19:11] The fake meeting where Xander couldn’t stop talking

[1:24:22] “New York Times AAAAAAAH!!!”

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