Would You Rather?

March 2, 2023


Ready for the most epic game of Would You Rather?

We’ve done Would You Rather on Instagram a few times, and it was such a hit that we decided to bring it to the podcast. We asked you for your best Would You Rather questions, and sat down to play without discussing our answers beforehand. You’ll get to hear our genuine reactions and honest responses as we giggle our way through the submissions you’ve sent in. Stay tuned to the end to hear our immediate buyer’s remorse that sent us over the edge.

Spoiler alert: Would You Rather is a silly game, but it’s also a sneaky and effective way to start genuinely useful conversations with your partner!

Would you rather listen to a sex therapist and a regular dude dig into some thought (and laughter) provoking questions, OR miss out on the funniest hour of your life?

Here’s a glance at this episode:

[7:49] “Roommates OR Fight for it?”

[11:19] “No main event OR No romance?”

[13:17] “Catch me OR Let me catch you?”

[17:03] “Silent but plentiful OR Loud and rare?”

[20:34] “A thousand cuts OR A fight for the ages ”

[27:05] “Only all the way OR Just a little foreplay?”

[28:58] “One mind-blowing day a month OR 3 meh’s a week?”

[30:39] “Dominate OR Be dominated?”

[32:42] “Gift Wrapped OR Au Naturel?

[34:40] “Keep it clean OR Bring the romance?”

[37:32] “Just one Or No more fun?”

[39:12] Buyer’s Remorse

[43:02] Follow up with us on IG

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