The Bachelor’s steamiest scenes – A sex therapist reviews

June 9, 2021

You might be surprised to hear that Xander and I are big fans of The Bachelor franchise. It’s our not-so-guilty pleasure.

With the upcoming season of The Bachelorette about to launch, today we’re switching things up and reacting to some of The Bachelor’s steamiest scenes.

Let’s be clear: The Bachelor does NOT have a great history of depicting sex in a realistic or healthy way. It reinforces so many bad, outdated, and just plain wrong stereotypes about love, sex, and relationships. Not to mention totally problematic issues with gender and race. 

But damn is it entertaining, plus it gives us tons to talk about!

If you’re curious to hear what a sex therapist (and her husband!) have to say about The Bachelor’s steamiest sex scenes, this video is for you.

We had a LOT of fun recording it, and we hope it makes you laugh!

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