Finishing School In Refinery29!

September 06,2016

It has been a really huge couple of weeks for Finishing School!

On top of mentions in Glamour and Cosmopolitan, Finishing School also got written up on one of my favorite websites, Refinery29.

In a piece titled, “Orgasm Tips To Add To Your Sex Life Now”, they wrote,

There are more online courses on orgasm than ever before, and it might be time to find one that works for you. We can vouch for sex therapist Vanessa Marin’s Finishing School, a comprehensive class designed to guide you to your first orgasms, alone and with a partner. In taking it, ‘You’ll banish those destructive internal monologues, you’ll learn what your body actually needs to reach orgasm, and you’ll have fun doing it,’ Marin writes. ‘Because seriously, orgasm should be fun.’ We agree.

I’m thrilled that Finishing School is getting so much press. Of course, I make my living selling programs like Finishing School, but I’m also happy to see these publications acknowledging that orgasm is something you have to learn how to do. It’s conversations like these that help banish the harmful myth that women should just know how to orgasm without any instruction or exploration.

Want to learn more about the online orgasm course that everyone is talking about? Head on over here!


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