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Vanessa and
Xander Marin

She's a sex therapist with 20 years of experience and he's a regular dude. Together they're the shockingly open, slightly nerdy, and seriously funny couple you want to grab sushi with. They share the ups and downs in their relationship while giving you step-by-step techniques for improving yours. Subscribe for your weekly double date full of totally do-able sex tips, practical relationship advice, hilarious and honest stories of what really goes on behind closed bedroom doors, and so much more. It's the sex education you WISH you'd had!

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Stumbled upon Vanessa and Xander’s instagram and absolutely fell in love right away- when I saw they had a podcast I had to listen!! I look forward to listening every single week and I ALWAYS end up learning so much and laughing out loud. Their content consistently improves my communication with my partner and I can 100% say it has made our relationship a healthier one. Thank you thank you THANK YOU V & X keep doing what you’re doing 😁

Game changer

I feel like everyone has SOME kind of issue regarding sex so there’s really something for everyone with Vanessa and Xander. Religious or spiritual shame around sex, misconceptions, previous trauma or bad experiences- wherever you fall- this podcast touches on it all. It’s funny, intelligent, and educational in ways you wouldn’t have thought. Really glad I stumbled upon it!

This one is for the boys!

I am a 40 year old man I just happen to stumble upon the podcast and now I am hooked Vanessa and Xander are hilarious !!! 😂🤣😂 I have always been taught that men aren’t suppose to have feelings and if something is bothering to keep it inside and deal with it 💪 But this podcast has helped me open up to my wife and understand her feelings as well 🤯 we are still working on it but definitely moving in the right direction thanks you guys keep up the good work ❤️ I feel like this is bringing our relationship to the next level strongly recommend to everyone !!!!

I cannot recommend this enough

This is my favourite podcast. I learn so much from Vanessa and Xander.
As I listen to the podcast I sometimes feel like they are reading my thoughts 👀
It makes me feel like I'm not alone and many other people go through the same problems I do and make it through in their relationship. I sometimes re-listen
to jot down a plan to combat what I am going through. Thank you for giving so much information in your podcasts.

I laugh, I cry, I feel it all!

I literally have NO idea how I found your podcast but I’m SO glad I did! I am happy to say I now listen and follow you guys religiously. Your topics always hit at the right time. Compatibility, dirty talk, connection, fighting, fantasies, self love, positions, locations, THE LIST GOES ON! It’s what the people (or me at least)
want to know! I laugh out loud at least once every episode and feel like you are my people! Your mission to normalize sex talk is happening- kudos to you!
So grateful to have found you and you podcast. Keep. It. Up!

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